TIENS Ti Energy Bracelet

The Tiens Ti-energy bracelet with embodied titanium and combined with magnet therapy is useful in treating unbalancing positive and negative ions in the human body.
It can effectively relieve physical aches and pains, reduce blood viscosity and acidity, and promote blood circulation and effectively resist environmental radiation.

What is titanium?
Titanium has super strength, high chemical stability and excellent biocompatibility. It is the only metal that has no adverse effect on the human autonomic system and taste system and definitely does not cause any allergy. Titanium is called "pro-bio-metal" in medicine. It is not toxic or harmful to human body and never reacts with the muscle or bone of human body, so it is widely used in medical devices as well as artificial joint, heart valve and teeth root, etc.

Efficacy of Titanium
Medical studies have shown that titanium has the ability to regulate the body's currents though cell ionization, making it the natural killer for electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, adjustment of the body current improves blood circulation, and the increased blood flow in turn helps eliminate fatigue, factors and the agents in the blood generated by pain, which is beneficial to both physical and mental health.